The Best Rock Of All Times

Now when it comes to the best rock and roll bands of ever there is obviously a lot of great musicians that we can choose from, so what exactly is it that makes some great rock bands better than others and obviously the best ever, and this is something that is definitely up for a lot of debate but I think it can be solved when we start to think about the cultural relevance of a lot of the musicians that have come and gone or are still around today. Longevity is definitely something that we should take into consideration because a lot of times some of the best musicians and bands of all time were short lived and could have been really innovative and awesome musical performers for years and years, but of course they let drugs become a way too big part of their lives and that lead them down the wrong path because that is not as chill as what most people would think.

When big musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison started getting high on heroin all of the time and created music it really was very strange and awesome at the same time, but of course these two guys could have teamed up and changed the world completely because Jim and Jimi had the best talents in terms of guitar and vocals, but they were junkies who did way too many drugs and that ultimately lead them to die at very young ages when it wasn’t that cool of them to just leave the world without giving us more in terms of music, and that’s just a robbery for everyone because there is no telling what could have been if these junkie musicians would have gotten off drugs, and now let’s talk about one band that definitely suffered from this type of drug overdose culture but somehow still managed to keep going without the main guy in the band are actually still around today and are one of the best bands in the world still today, which is obviously an amazing accomplishment.

You might already know who we are talking about, and I definitely could go in the direction of the Rolling Stones, but I’ll save them for later, because the band that I am talking about right now that has lasted almost just as long as the Rolling Stones is the Grateful Dead, and I think it is pretty clear that the Grateful Dead is a band that has definitely changed the culture in a really gigantic way, and that’s just part of what has made the Grateful Dead one of the best rock and roll bands ever.

The Grateful Dead are the type of band that definitely changed the culture of the United States, and I think they are mostly known for their huge following of fans that we have all nicknamed Dead Heads, and what is so cool is that now there is a whole community of people from all over the place who have fallen in love with the music of the Grateful Dead. They definitely influenced a lot of people to change themselves and to obtain self awareness, to a certain extent, through the use of hallucinogens which the band is definitely known for because of their great and trippy music that is awesome to trip acid to, and for the most part I think everyone really likes the Grateful Dead because they completely changed the game when it comes to live performances and they are the type of band who definitely plays a different show every time they go out on stage, and that takes a lot of practice and determination to be on top of their audiences so that they can keep all of us on our toes, and they’ve been doing so for fifty years so far.

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