Electronic Tracks

I think a lot of people even still today don’t like electronic music as much as they like to hear real instruments jam out and be the real thing, and I think that is mostly because it definitely takes a lot more talent to be in a rock and roll band than to be a DJ who just simply has an awesome sound system for a lot of their electronic tracks that aren’t even original music, and I think it is pretty sad that music today has changed into something that isn’t even original, but of course there still are a lot of bands out there that are playing with real instruments and definitely creating their own original music, which is awesome because I think this is the life force of the music industry and the innovation for everyone in terms of how we think and how far all of us can go.

Obviously there is no denying the facts that the music industry is really corrupted to an extreme level and only a handful of people in the industry and at record labels have the power and influence to create the biggest and best new bands, and I think that when it comes down to who makes it and who doesn’t there is a really fine line, but of course there have been some bands that were just so goo and so fantastic that they got the type of credit that they deserved right away and then went on and were not satisfied with success because they kept wanting more and more and wanted to keep inspiring and creating things for their audience, and I think that is a really beautiful thing to be a part of even as a member of an audience.

When musicians are creating music to out do themselves because they know that is exactly what their audience wants then you know that we have definitely found a great musician and songwriter who wants to do something that has something to say and has become a part of the group that is the best rock and roll bands ever. So if you just so happen to be the type of person who is really interested in the best rock and roll bands ever then you probably would understand that this particular website and list of articles is obviously really subjective and up for debate, but it is all about the best rock and roll bands ever, and our next band that we are going to discuss on this list is definitely the Rolling Stones and that is because this band has been around for so long and they have always been an awesome rock and roll band that really defines the entire genre.

There is just something really awesome and kick ass about the Rolling Stones, and maybe it is there we don’t care at all attitude that they give off but obviously don’t really mean because they do care a lot about their audiences and their music. But of course they have such good style, and Mick Jagger is definitely a huge part of this band’s style and he has always been the pinnacle man when it comes to having swagger on stage and really being the quintessential front man for a rock and roll band. Of course the rest of the band is great too, and I think it really is their music that has allowed them to change the culture in real and significant ways that has allowed the Rolling Stones to be such an influential band. Of course they were huge back in the 60s and 70s, and what is also so cool about the Rolling Stones is that they didn’t let drugs get to them as a group and they definitely have kept themselves really healthy because they are all still alive today and are all really old, but it’s just awesome because they are old and they rock the hell out of every show they still play.

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