Who Really Deserves It

Now of course so far throughout this entire website we have been pretty consistent in that we have talked about rock and roll music in general and what it has meant to our society as a whole and how it changed everything, and then we have gone into the article and talked about one really specific rock and roll band that changed everything and was one of the best rock bands ever, and that is definitely what this entire website is all about, but of course we need to include a lot more people on this list of great rock and roll musicians so for this final installment of articles on this site what we are going to do is just simply do more of a list article and go through a great number of really great artists who had an impact on our society and deserve to be on the list of greatest rock and roll bands ever.

So the next person that we are going to talk about on this list is someone who definitely made big difference in America and was the type of musician who wrote songs that really connected to the every day working man in the United States while also protesting some of the Cold War and government practices that frustrated a ton of people back in those days. We are talking about Bruce Springsteen and the E Stree Band, and I think that Springsteen might just be one of the best songwriters of his generation along with Bob Dylan, and a lot of people think that Bruce was definitely a good songwriter, but obviously a really good rock and roll concert artist click here to read more. When you go to see Bruce Springsteen you are for sure going to have a lot of fun because his shows are outrageous and really awesome all the way through, and that is something that I think a lot of us under estimate about him, but of course he is always selling out a ton of different shows everywhere still today so that definitely helps him out a lot in terms of making the list of best rock and roll bands ever.

The next best rock and roll band ever is one of my personal favorites and arguably one of the best rock bands to ever come out of Great Britain, and that is Led Zeppelin, and I think this band is one of those bands that really changed the entire  landscape of the genre, but they also were able to be completely unique and change the world in a lot of different ways. Of course the voice of Robert Plant was the main thing that really made this band so special, and of course when we start to think about a band kind of like Led Zeppelin we start to think about how this band really started playing harder, more intense jams with guitar and definitely started being very innovative in the ways the guitar could be physically played. That’s all Jimmy Paige, and I think a lot of people would agree with me that Paige is one of the best guitarists of all time.

The next greatest rock and roll band of all time was really similar to Zeppelin but very unique and different at the same time and that band is Pink Floyd. I think Pink Floyd was so innovative in so many different ways because they started to get trippier and stranger and definitely were toying around with music in general and how it could be played and made better. They were totally influenced by the invention of the synthesizer in the 1960s and I think that was something that really changed music forever, but of course this band was the type of rock and roll band that wanted to change the world and amaze people in a very cerebral way, and people loved it so much that they have to be considered one of the best rock and roll bands ever.

Electronic Tracks

I think a lot of people even still today don’t like electronic music as much as they like to hear real instruments jam out and be the real thing, and I think that is mostly because it definitely takes a lot more talent to be in a rock and roll band than to be a DJ who just simply has an awesome sound system for a lot of their electronic tracks that aren’t even original music, and I think it is pretty sad that music today has changed into something that isn’t even original, but of course there still are a lot of bands out there that are playing with real instruments and definitely creating their own original music, which is awesome because I think this is the life force of the music industry and the innovation for everyone in terms of how we think and how far all of us can go.

Obviously there is no denying the facts that the music industry is really corrupted to an extreme level and only a handful of people in the industry and at record labels have the power and influence to create the biggest and best new bands, and I think that when it comes down to who makes it and who doesn’t there is a really fine line, but of course there have been some bands that were just so goo and so fantastic that they got the type of credit that they deserved right away and then went on and were not satisfied with success because they kept wanting more and more and wanted to keep inspiring and creating things for their audience, and I think that is a really beautiful thing to be a part of even as a member of an audience.

When musicians are creating music to out do themselves because they know that is exactly what their audience wants then you know that we have definitely found a great musician and songwriter who wants to do something that has something to say and has become a part of the group that is the best rock and roll bands ever. So if you just so happen to be the type of person who is really interested in the best rock and roll bands ever then you probably would understand that this particular website and list of articles is obviously really subjective and up for debate, but it is all about the best rock and roll bands ever, and our next band that we are going to discuss on this list is definitely the Rolling Stones and that is because this band has been around for so long and they have always been an awesome rock and roll band that really defines the entire genre.

There is just something really awesome and kick ass about the Rolling Stones, and maybe it is there we don’t care at all attitude that they give off but obviously don’t really mean because they do care a lot about their audiences and their music. But of course they have such good style, and Mick Jagger is definitely a huge part of this band’s style and he has always been the pinnacle man when it comes to having swagger on stage and really being the quintessential front man for a rock and roll band. Of course the rest of the band is great too, and I think it really is their music that has allowed them to change the culture in real and significant ways that has allowed the Rolling Stones to be such an influential band. Of course they were huge back in the 60s and 70s, and what is also so cool about the Rolling Stones is that they didn’t let drugs get to them as a group and they definitely have kept themselves really healthy because they are all still alive today and are all really old, but it’s just awesome because they are old and they rock the hell out of every show they still play.

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The Best Rock Of All Times

Now when it comes to the best rock and roll bands of ever there is obviously a lot of great musicians that we can choose from, so what exactly is it that makes some great rock bands better than others and obviously the best ever, and this is something that is definitely up for a lot of debate but I think it can be solved when we start to think about the cultural relevance of a lot of the musicians that have come and gone or are still around today. Longevity is definitely something that we should take into consideration because a lot of times some of the best musicians and bands of all time were short lived and could have been really innovative and awesome musical performers for years and years, but of course they let drugs become a way too big part of their lives and that lead them down the wrong path because that is not as chill as what most people would think.

When big musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison started getting high on heroin all of the time and created music it really was very strange and awesome at the same time, but of course these two guys could have teamed up and changed the world completely because Jim and Jimi had the best talents in terms of guitar and vocals, but they were junkies who did way too many drugs and that ultimately lead them to die at very young ages when it wasn’t that cool of them to just leave the world without giving us more in terms of music, and that’s just a robbery for everyone because there is no telling what could have been if these junkie musicians would have gotten off drugs, and now let’s talk about one band that definitely suffered from this type of drug overdose culture but somehow still managed to keep going without the main guy in the band are actually still around today and are one of the best bands in the world still today, which is obviously an amazing accomplishment.

You might already know who we are talking about, and I definitely could go in the direction of the Rolling Stones, but I’ll save them for later, because the band that I am talking about right now that has lasted almost just as long as the Rolling Stones is the Grateful Dead, and I think it is pretty clear that the Grateful Dead is a band that has definitely changed the culture in a really gigantic way, and that’s just part of what has made the Grateful Dead one of the best rock and roll bands ever.

The Grateful Dead are the type of band that definitely changed the culture of the United States, and I think they are mostly known for their huge following of fans that we have all nicknamed Dead Heads, and what is so cool is that now there is a whole community of people from all over the place who have fallen in love with the music of the Grateful Dead. They definitely influenced a lot of people to change themselves and to obtain self awareness, to a certain extent, through the use of hallucinogens which the band is definitely known for because of their great and trippy music that is awesome to trip acid to, and for the most part I think everyone really likes the Grateful Dead because they completely changed the game when it comes to live performances and they are the type of band who definitely plays a different show every time they go out on stage, and that takes a lot of practice and determination to be on top of their audiences so that they can keep all of us on our toes, and they’ve been doing so for fifty years so far.

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The Baby Boomers Rocked The House

Now so far throughout this website we have been talking about the best rock and roll bands of all time, and I think that is important because that is what this entire website is about, but in case you didn’t quite understand we are talking about the best rock and roll bands ever for a lot of reasons besides just informing everyone which bands were better than the rest of the genre bands that came around, and of course which bands had the most impact on society and are the most memorable still today. These bands definitely deserve all the credit that we can give them and then some, but the thing is that we need to delve deeper into just why these bands were so popular so long ago, and I think the best way that we can describe this type of phenomenon that rock and roll started throughout the baby boomer generation is through innovation, free love and the entire hippie movement that took place within western culture. I think the New Age Movement way back when was something that really resonated with a lot of younger people way back when and that is probably because they came from an older generation that didn’t quite understand what it was like to be a young person in the 1960s because they grew up in a war torn world and during the Great Depression, and as for the younger people they didn’t have these types of memories but wanted to see the world go further and be progressive, and the Civil Rights Movement was definitely a really special time for the United States as all people, not just black people and minorities, came together to change the culture of America and start to head towards a better future, which is kind of where we are today but of course as we all know we are kind of starting to get into another Civil Rights Movement that is more oriented around police brutality, and I think the music today is also commenting tremendously on this situation that is now coming in our domestic culture in the United States, and this is where I come back to what has made these bands the best rock and roll bands ever, and that is that they commented on the times of the culture and the culture heard this commentary and completely agreed with them and started to jump on to the ideas of these artists, and maybe the one rock and roll band of the 1960s that had the most influence on the culture and the people were The Beatles, and they are the next band that we are going to talk about in our list of best rock and roll bands ever.

There is absolutely no denying the facts that The Beatles were one of the most influential bands ever to come around in this world, and the ways in which they were able to captivate the young women demographic and then change themselves away from the confines of popular music and then start to influence mind expansion and love for all people was something that was really special, and of course the Beatles did not last as a group for very long, only about 10 years, but in those 10 years the Beatles were able to easily produce themselves as the very best band to ever come into the rock and roll genre, and it really was how powerful and motivating their music was that made The Beatles one of the best rock and roll bands ever. So if you are more interested go online and get back into The Beatles because they definitely are one band that you can just listen to for days at a time.

Elvis Presley

Most Americans understand that when it comes to the best types of music to listen to that rock and roll, or just rock or classic rock, is definitely one of the most popular genres in the world or at least in most western cultures, and that has a lot to do with the progression of music in the middle of the twentieth century and how a lot of really innovative artists came about and started rocking out on electric guitars, and I guess it kind of took a little while for technology to build up and allow for music to become more electronic and digital for rock and roll to come about, but when the technology did come in the 1960s and it started to evolve and get better and better in the 70s rock music evolved, and it definitely became a huge sensation really quickly when the most innovative artists of all time were in their hay days. Of course in today’s times rock music is still pretty consistent to what it used to be like back in the day, and I think that a lot of people have said that hip hop and electronic music has kind of in a way replaced rock music and that rock is dead, and maybe to some extent that is true because rock music may not be as popular as it used to be, especially with the younger generation today, but it still is pretty popular and will sell out huge venues all over the place. I think in today’s rock and roll age we see a lot of great bands like Umphrey’s McGee and String Cheese Incident and a lot of other jam bands who have stayed true to what some of the greatest rock bands of all time stood for, and of course these bands were greatly influenced by some of the best rock bands ever. So if you just so happen to be a younger person in America who really likes music, and if you particularly like rock music and maybe you are just looking for your next artist to get involved with and fall in love with then you have definitely come to the right place because this entire website and list of articles is all about talking about the best rock and roll bands ever, and what we are going to do is go into extreme detail about all of these bands so that we can have a better idea of who exactly is the best ever and what exactly has made them so impactful on our societies and what makes them so memorable even still today.

So the first person that we are going to talk about when it comes to the best rock and roll bands of all time isn’t actually a band but simply an individual who really paved the way for a lot of other people to follow him, and I think we simply have to just mention Elvis Presley first although he definitely was not the most talented musician on this list at all. The thing is that Elvis was not even that talented at all, but he started doing things a lot differently in an age when he was surrounded by country music and folk music he started to get people dancing and doing so through a rock and roll type of style, which is what has made him the King of Rock, and he will always be the King, so we definitely had to mention Elvis a little bit in these articles just to be sure that we got him in there, but now that we have gotten Elvis mentioned we can start really talking about the bands that came after him.


Best rock and roll bands ever

I think it is pretty safe to say that the world in general is in love with rock and roll music, and since the creation of this ever changing genre that has rocked the world and put everything on its head and changed the music industry forever, it has in exchange shaped the cultures of the world in which we inhabit, especially western cultures like the United States and Great Britain, where a lot of the best rock and roll bands ever have come from. Now, let’s take a look into history and start thinking back about how exactly these types of artists have been able to do so much and think about how we as an audience have adapted and of course been influenced by these artists in astounding ways. I think everyone understands that rock and roll was a type of music that was off the beaten path as compared to a lot of other types of music that came before it, and of course if we look back into the past we will see that a lot of older people did not like rock and roll when it first became popular, but younger people absolutely loved it.

It was the type of music that everyone wanted to hear because it was different, it was exciting and it definitely gave the audience a strong emotional response that a lot of other genres of music can not give an audience, or at least not to the same extent as what rock and roll can bring to a younger audience. Now, of course this was going on back in the 1960s when rock and roll was just getting big, and of course it grew up and is now one of the most popular genres of music and has now been categorized into a lot of other sub genres of rock and roll, but a few things have always stayed consistent with rock and roll although music has gotten more digital in recent years rock and roll music has stayed true to using real instruments and improvisation to make audiences really feel like that they are getting a one of a kind concert experience, and I think the best rock bands have always been able to bring unique shows to their audiences and that is why the audiences keep coming back for more, because they never know exactly what they are going to get from show to show. Of course not every rock band has been able to do this kind of improvisation and adaptability, but for the best rock and roll bands ever mixing up their music from concert to concert is just part of the gig, and they have become one of the best rock bands of all time because they have gone above and beyond and adapted to their audience so that the audience is willing to travel with the band and go to every single show, and that’s something that all bands should maybe be proud of or maybe a little ashamed of.


So if you are really into rock and roll music and you want to learn more about the genre and the best rock bands ever then you are definitely in the right place on the world wide web because this entire website and list of articles is all about going into really expansive details about the best rock and roll bands ever, and of course a lot of great musicians will not make this list but of course we couldn’t put everyone on these lists and these lists had to be made as objectively as possible just to be fair to all of the greatest bands that have ever played rock and roll music, and now that we are here at this point in the article I really hope that all of you enjoy reading and rock on!